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Saturday 12/21/2002 2:58:03am
Name: Steve Franklin
Email: macdummy-at-montanasky.net
Now located: Eureka, Montana
Message: S/Sgt 81st A&E Sight/Radar shop, attached to 78th FBS May 58 to Jan 59. Need a Bushmaster patch. Need any information on William Shipwash (Shipwreck). I Left the 81st to go to the 49th TFW at Etain then to Spangdahlem. Great site here.

Friday 12/20/2002 1:56:19pm
Name: Ray D'Amato
Email: ray.damato-at-fairfaxcounty.gov
Now located: Fairfax, Virginia
Message: Stationed at RAF Wattisham, Air Traffic Control Center 1959 through 1963. Fond memories of Suffolk will remain with me always.

Wednesday 12/18/2002 3:52:18pm
Name: Jesse R Rigby
Email: pofoks-at-msn.com
Now located: McFaddin Texas 77973 PO Box 1
Message: I arrived at the 78th sept 59 fresh from tech. school in Amarillo Tx With Archie Wilson. I retired in 81 and in all those years I only remember seeing one of the 78th Crew Chiefs and that was Buster Reed at Davis Monthan, I came there with the A7d. Old Buster was always good for catching a ride with to the chow hall because he could get about 10 of us in his Rolls and he wouldn't run off and leave you because we always had to push it to get it started. We had some mighty fine times then. Don't know how we did it with no money, I will never forget those times on $18.00 a payday. We would go to Wheelus because we got $1.00 a day TDY pay.
I have a hard time recalling details but I don't think I stayed in Tiger Town but once or twice and then they moved us to the barracks because we raised to much hell there. I remember when Manos lost his airplane. I was sent to the Isle of Man to help clean up the crash site and the only recognizable piece I found was the silver tip on the radome, I brought it back and gave it to him because that plane was his baby. I bet he still has it. Seems to me that we roomed together for awhile just before he left. I was the Crew Chief on 54-1444, I don't have many good memories of that dog I think it's daddy was an F-100. I sure would like to see you but that reunion is to far north of US Hwy 90 for me, lets have one in San Antonio one winter.

Friday 12/13/2002 1:43:53pm
Name: Andy Leitch
Email: andy-at-avrovulcan.org.uk
Now located: N Ireland
Message: Hello. I have a photo of an Avro Vulcan with a line of F-101s in the distance circa 1961 that might have been taken at Woodbridge or Bentwaters.
URL = http://www.avrovulcan.org.uk/crown_copyright/htm/475_uk.htm
Would appreciate confirmation or otherwise.
Can't say I recall my one trip to Bentwaters too well. 12 instructors on my squadron took half a dozen Jet Provosts there for a night stop with the sole intention of getting plastered in the O Club. We returned to base the next day very gingerly and after landing, declared the weather outside limits for further flying, sent the students home, and slunk away to rest our fevered brows!

Tuesday 11/26/2002 7:00:35pm
Name: ron mchenry
Email: rvm-at-msn.com
Now located: arkansas
Message: Worked as control tower operator at RAF woodbridge-Jul 1957-Dec 1959

Thursday 11/21/2002 1:05:51pm
Name: Thomas Deckard
Email: tom.deckard-at-verizon.net
Now located: Germantown, MD
Message: Was in Bentwaters/Woodbridge 67-69. Assigned to the 81st TFS Supply Sq. as Personal and Survival Equipment Specialist. Supported the F4C Phanton. Enjoyed every minute of my tour.

Wednesday 11/20/2002 9:39:59am
Name: Charles P Lee
Email: grover-at-shepherdsgrove.com
Now located: Smith Mountain Lake - VA
Message: Site is great. Visit mine at http://shepherdsgrove.com/grover.html

Saturday 11/16/2002 9:10:53am
Name: Patrick Schutte
Email: schutte66-at-yahoo.com
Now located: Kirtland AFB NM
Message: Weapons Loader assigned from april 91 till "Mission Completion" in 92. Had a great time there and wish we would have never closed the base down. ended up transferring with the A-10s to Spangdahlem Germany.

Friday 11/15/2002 1:41:33pm
Name: Kathleen Kennedy
Email: ksokennedy-at-aol.com
Now located: Aiken, SC
Message: Mother of a new member, daughter of a retired USAFA pilot

Tuesday 11/12/2002 1:19:06pm
Name: Mike Carroll
Email: mcarroll-at-bnl.gov
Now located: Sayville, NY 11782
Message: Was Stationed -at-** Woodbridge Dates 10/58 thru 7/61. 7546th Surpport Grp. Was a Firefighter. played some Football & Basketball, those years we were known as the Suffolk Titans. Were some great years.

Tuesday 11/05/2002 0:30:27am
Name: Richard Ziemba
Email: richard.ziemba-at-attbi.com
Now located: Denver, Colorado
Message: Son of Al Ziemba, who was a Bushmaster pilot from '58 to '60.

Sunday 11/03/2002 1:17:51pm
Name: Barbara Hawkins (nee Baldry)
Email: britagt-at-msn.com
Now located: Tempe, Arizona
Message: It is great to peruse these sites. I worked in the PX, at Bentwaters from 1955-60, mainly on the jewelry/china counter, relieving on the automotive. Anyone remember Harry who ran that counter? I sometimes worked in the class six store -at-** Woodbridge. Was transferred to run the PX counter at Wattisham in 1960-64. Have many great memories of all the wonderful guys I met, some wild times!! Came for a visit to USA, met Hubby in 1970, still return home evey other year, I am from the Ipswich area.
Best Wishes to all.

Tuesday 10/22/2002 10:28:55am
Name: Chris Pegg
Email: SOOsmooth911-at-yahoo.com
Now located: kokomo ind.
Message: This is a great site b/c for one reason my grandpa helped bulid it along with his friends.
Love u grandpa.....Chris

Sunday 10/20/2002 8:13:40am
Name: Herb Fair
Email: hfair-at-atlantic.net
Now located: Florida
Message: Enjoyed your website-I was at Bentwaters 1953-1956. (81st Mtr Veh Sq)

Saturday 10/19/2002 3:33:32pm
Name: MSgt Thomas A. Gates
Email: tom.gates-at-wimadi.ang.af.mil
Now located: Truax Field, ANG, Madison, WI
Message: Stationed at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge from Aug 85-Aug 88.

Saturday 10/19/2002 3:30:24pm
Name: MSgt Thomas A. Gates
Email: tom.gates-at-wimadi.ang.af.mil
Now located: Truax Field, ANG, Madison, WI
Message: Stationed at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge from Aug 85-Aug 88.

Saturday 10/12/2002 3:05:11am
Name: SMSgt Mark DeVault
Email: lassiter91-at-netzero.net
Now located: Tucson ANG
Message: Hello Bushmasters!! I was with the 78th from Nov 81-Nov 83 while working A-10's. Loved every minute of it.

Wednesday 10/09/2002 6:27:51pm
Name: Joseph Kosuda
Email: ukvally-at-aol.com
Now located: goldsboro n.c.
Message: Was stationed at Bentwaters from november 55 to november 59.81st fld mat.
hydraulic shop. Married a girl from Lowestoft its been 46 years now.Would like to hear from any one of my buddies.

Friday 10/04/2002 6:00:18pm
Name: Jim Gillan
Email: jgillan570-at-**cs.com
Now located: Near Bangor, Maine
Message: I'm on page 23.
I was at Bentwaters from Sept 58 to Dec 61. Most of the time in the 91st TFS.

Saturday 07/20/2002 6:55:11pm
Name: Henry E. Jackxon
Email: wcjayjay-at-yahoo.com
Now located: Hollywood,MD
Message: My first visit to this page. Great WEB Page. Thank you.
Engine shop 1964-1967 Bentwater & Woodbridge.
Where are the JET Engine Mechanics of the 81st. FMS. 1961-1967?

Wednesday 07/17/2002 10:59:37pm
Name: Harold Appelgate
Email: haapple-at-netins.net
Now located: radcliffe,iowa
Message: I surverd at Bentwaters Apr.21 '52 -Dec.54 I worked on jet engines in the 81st. maint sq. have many great memories of the Bentwaters years. went to a reunion last June at Branson. Most of us was there 52-57 in the 81 maint. sq. had a great gathering for the first time in 47 years. Plan on going back 2004 to Branson, MO. Wish more could come down. Harold Appelgate, Radcliffe,IA 50230

Monday 07/15/2002 6:58:33pm
Name: George E. Regler
Email: hilberto44001-at-aol.com
Now located: Retired Pay/ Cleve Ohio
Message: I was an Air Traffic Control Supervisor in Woodbridge Tower from 1980-1984. Would like to hear from former pilots or controllers.

Tuesday 08/20/2002 9:06:52pm
Name: Matthew DeMiguel
Email: JMdemiguel-at-aol.com
Now located: L.A.- PHX
Message: My Grand father was a Bushmaster at Chinese Combat Command World War II.

Wednesday 08/07/2002 4:58:11pm
Name: Jim Tansey
Email: tanseyj-at-theriver.com
Now located: Sierra Vista, Arizona
Message: Great Pages.
Please visit my pages at: http://www.geocities.com/rafbentwaters/anew1.htm
and post your name and info and look for old buddies.
Check the menu for much more.

Monday 08/05/2002 11:31:49pm
Name: Carol Condron Coles
Email: ccoles-at-datasync.com
Now located: Vancleave, MS (Just North of Biloxi)
Message: My sister, Patty, and I discovered this wonderful web site while trying to locate other "old" Air Force brats whose folks were stationed at Bentwater/Woodbridge from 58-60. Thanks to your web site, we were able to locate missing friends and classmates for the first time in 42 years. Cannot describe the tears and emotions when finally reaching these folks.
Have one last request for those of you stationed at Bentwater/Woodbridge 56-59: We're trying to locate the Curry family, from East St. Louis, Illinois, who lived in the village of Thorpeness, but probably rotated back to the States in '58. Cannot remember their Dad's rank, but the kids were Raymond Curry (now about 60 years old, Jack Curry, now about 56 years old, and numerous other younger siblings.)
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks again for such a wonderful connection!
Carol (Condron) Coles

Friday 09/27/2002 5:17:01pm
Name: Shelley Pursley
Email: tyedye09-at-hotmail.com
Now located: Phoenix, AZ
Message: I am trying to find a picture of my grandfather Joseph Pursley. Could someone please direct me to it? Thank you.

Thursday 09/12/2002 11:36:54pm
Name: Maurice Lovelady
Email: jlovel1452-at-aol.com
Now located: near Bham Ala
Message: Like the site, lots of nostalgia . Shepherds Grove, 55-56. 7519th AP Sqd .Have many pics, willing to share, also have a small website available on request.

Thursday 09/05/2002 11:00:24pm
Name: Carl Richards
Now located: Phoenix, Arizona
Message: Was stationed at Woody base. 78th TFS as a Voodoo jock during the time period 1962-1965. Many fond memories.

Thursday 09/05/2002 9:47:58pm
Name: Jerry Tabor
Email: hillsidewv-at-hotmail.com
Now located: Columbus OH /WV
Message: A&E, auto pilot at Bentwaters 8/61-8/64. Tthe Cold War was hell, but we had fun and won!! (later) The airman's club, Rendevous in Ipswich and Bayswater in London was a hell of a place to fight a war.

Monday 08/26/2002 1:58:13am
Name: Ronald R. Easley
Email: rre-at-lanset.com
Now located: Sacramento, CA
Message: I am working on a book on the F-101 Voodoo and am very happy to have stumbled across this website. If I am welcome, I look forward to some great discussion on the e-mail group. Great site!

Saturday 08/03/2002 9:52:42am
Name: Jayne Bell
Email: jaynebell_2000-at-yahoo.com
Now located: not applicable
Message: I am searching for my american father GI who I think may have been based at Bentwaters or Woodbridge in March/April 1949. I only know his name as Andy. Two questions, if anybody can help me.
1. What GI sites were in and around London in 1949. And
2. Is there anybody out there who was based at one of these sites that may be able to help me.
Shot in the dark - I know - but I thought worth the try? He was from Ohio or Pennsylvania? I would love to hear from you.

Friday 08/02/2002 8:48:40am
Name: Joseph R. Wagner Jr.
Email: jrwagnerjr-at-hotmail.com
Now located: Philadelphia, PA
Message: Just came across your website. Great. I was stationed at RAF Bentwaters 9/59 to 9/63. 81st. PMS Sqdn.

Monday 07/15/2002 0:07:58am
Name: Eddie C. McAfee
Email: eddiemcafee-at-aol.com
Now located: 1323 Frederick Dr, East Ridge, Tn 37412
Message: Great site. I was assigned to the 81st Air Police & 81st Security Police Squadron in 62-65 and again 73-76. Guadred a lot of 78 TFS Aircraft in the VA and in the TAPA. The Bushmasters were a Great Squadron. Proud to have been a part of the support for such a fantastic unit.

Sunday 07/14/2002 9:59:07am
Name: John Reed
Email: jrlivesrt66-at-juno.com
Now located: Springfield Oh
Message: Arrived BW 1960, transferred to WB in 1961. Was in A&E Comm shop until 1964. Great time and I love the pix of the Voodoos. Thanks for them

Saturday 07/13/2002 11:38:37pm
Name: Dan Aycock
Email: da206-at-bmi.net
Now located: Washington st.
Message: Was at Woody from 66 to 69 with the 79th, worked next door to a lot of the 78th guys. I worked in the 79th hanger, next to the 78th's. Best time of my life. Great to be an early bird here. Best of luck to all the 78th and for you keeping this site running.

Saturday 07/13/2002 9:13:58pm
Name: Clyde B Hostetter (Hoss)
Email: CBH36-at-WEBTV.NET
Now located: Hanahan SC
Message: Was at the Grove from 55-58 stayed in the Air Force for 20. Went out to the air base here the other day. Got to eat in the chow hall at the Grove we did not have anything close to this food. But the airman nowadays do not have the fun we had.

Thursday 07/04/2002 5:06:09pm
Name: William J McKissick
Email: elmacus-at-aol.com
Now located: Fort Worth Texas
Message: Was assigned as a Security Policeman with the 7519 Air Base Squadron. Worked in both Law Enforcement and Security of the Aircraft and Bomb Dump. Was there from March 55 thru Sep 56.

Monday 07/01/2002 4:08:51pm
Name: Richard E. Hipke
Email: hippo-at-ez-net.com
Now located: oconto,wisconsin
Message: Jet engine man on J-65 and J-33. Arrived Oct. 55 left Dec. 58. Loved Gt. Yarmouth.
Peaches knows.

Friday 06/21/2002 9:00:54pm
Name: Bill Smiley
Email: bjsmi-at-lvcm.com
Now located: Las vegas NV Phone 702-431-1151
Message: At grove 1955-1958 Crew chief.

Friday 06/21/2002 1:10:52pm
Name: Robert Alarid
Email: chiefrobt-at-aol.com
Now located: Folsom, California (not the prison!)
Message: I was a The Grove in 1958. I was in charge of the two T-33 aircraft there.
I went to Bentwaters and was a Dock chief there on F101 Voodoos. I married an English girl when I was at Burtonwood in 1949. We have been together now for 53 years!
Cheers and all the best with your web site

Thursday 06/20/2002 9:12:16pm
Now located: 13334 Pocomoke Ct, Woodbridge, VA
Message: Arrived the Grove Jan 1957 then on to Woodbridge in 1959. Rotated to States in Dec 1960. "Mac" McDaniel was the photographer at our wedding and Ignacio Hernandez was our best man. Looking for both and other former Bushmasters. Retired AF 1978 after 22 years. Currently employed by a non-profit organization (25 years now). Hoping to hear from many more Bushmasters and holding a reunion in Dayton, OH.
Connie Manos is working this program.

Wednesday 06/19/2002 4:35:48pm
Name: John Burl McDaniel
Email: None
Now located: 129 Epps Drive,Simpsonville, S.C.29681
Message: "Mac", Coon-Ass from Louisiana, now retired. Connie Manos's roommate.See P-127& P-44. Came from Bergstrom with the "Voodoos". Check with Peaches for updates or other info.

Thursday 06/13/2002 9:35:24pm
Name: Kassandra Brown
Email: BrownHermit-at-aol.com
Now located: Nampa, Idaho
Message: My dad was stationed at the twin bases in the late 80's. Your pics were great!! Thank You

Thursday 06/13/2002 11:56:46am
Name: Gerald (KIRK) Kirkpatrick
Email: alabamakirk-at-webtv.net
Now located: Ozark,Al.
Message: Great looking at the pages of the yearbook. Thanks for all the effort. I was stationed at Bentwaters during the 1955-58 years. 81st Supply Sq.(81SUPPRON) I would like to hear from some of the guys from this period. I have met up with Ken (ANDY) Endicott, now living in Tampa, Fl., also email and talked with Larry La Forest, now living in Wis. I am from Milwaukee, Wis., now retired in Al.

Wednesday 05/29/2002 2:31:11pm
Email: l.pegg-at-worldnet.att.net
Now located: DesMOINES, IOWA USA
Message: Becky and I just returned from ARDMORE OK. where we met BO & MINNIE WAFFORD, BILL BALES and daughter CINDY, BOB and MAUREEN LOPES, and BUSTER REED.
We met in the lobby of the HAMPTON INN, ARDMORE, I had not seen BOB LOPES since 1959 and BILL BALES since 1962, we all went on a tour of BUSTER REED'S old car collection, 20 acres worth. We had dinner in ARDMORE Saturday eve and then sat around in the lobby and talked over old times, lots & lots of wonderful memories.
We gathered for breakfast on SUN morn and we all headed home about 9:30/10:00 AM. Time was too short, we will have to gather again soon, MARK FERRARA is working on that, lets all work with MARK on this, this last weekend in ARDMORE surely was ANOTHER FOND MEMORY, we are not getting younger guys, lets do it.
JOHN L. PEGG (LARRY) BO, BILL, and BUSTER says I will always be JOHN L. to them so here I am ole JOHN L. PEGG
(Page 127 of the '59 Yearbook)

Wednesday 05/29/2002 7:27:00am
Name: William F Lambdin
Email: cblambdi-at-bellsouth.net
Now located: Maryville, Tennessee, 37803
Message: Great start. The best years of my life were from Sept. 1960 to Sept. 1963 the the last time I saw Woodbridge, Melton and Ipswich.

Monday 05/27/2002 9:01:05am
Name: Harry George (Peaches) Wright
Email: AmyL33-at-juno.com
Now located: 60 Oakwood Ct., Dallas, Ga.30157
Message: Phone-(770)443-9611 Nicknamed "Peaches" by Al, Wop, Smiley, RJ Young and others, because I was the only one from Georgia. Still got the handle.

Tuesday 06/11/2002 5:10:45pm
Email: NONE
Now located: HELDTON, OK.
Message: BUSTER retired from the USAF as a MASTER/SGT and now lives at 605 LAMAR STREET, HELDTON, OK 73438, his phone # 580-229-0180, for all that knows BUSTER you must appreciate he just graduated to color tv and says he is not ready for computers yet. Give ole BUSTER a CALL, he is the same ole BUSTER.

Tuesday 06/04/2002 7:58:27pm
Name: Lindial Wafford
Email: minlin-at-mt-vernon.com
Now located: Mt. Vernon Texas
Message: Was at RAF Woodbridge February 1959 to April 1962. My wife, Minnie, and I have many fond memories of the place and the people. We just enjoyed seeing some of the old troops in Ardmore, OK. John Pegg, wife Becky, Bob Lopes, wife Maureen, Bill Bales, daughter Cindy and Buster Reed were all there along with the two of us.
We look forward to the upcoming (I hope) reunion in Dayton. The work being done by Connie Manos on that and Mark Ferrara on the roster is much appreciated. It goes without saying that without John L. and Connie we wouldn't have this site. THANKS GUYS!!

Monday 06/03/2002 11:29:22am
Name: Larry LaForest
Email: YooperI-at-Aol.com
Now located: Delavan, WI
Message: Left in January 1959. Was in Base Supply and have certainly seen a few people I knew. M/Sgt Carroll in BSS and David Miller. Anyone I know who reads this, please drop an email.

Saturday 06/01/2002 3:27:16pm
Name: William (Bill) A. Bales
Email: sailor30-at-aol.com
Now located: Kodak, Tennessee
Message: It's been a long time since we were stationed in England. I have a lot of fond memories of the country and the people. On the other hand, my memories of having to go to North Africa for training were not so good. I am located on pages 127 and 129 of the yearbook.
Bill Bales

Saturday 06/01/2002 6:46:19am
Name: Jose Badillo
Email: jb42krnr-at-neonramp.com
Now located: Bellevue, Nebraska
Message: Simply fantastic. I had the yearbook then loaned it to a friend and never got it back. I had been searching for names from the past and now I found them thanks to all the hard work you all have done. Many great memories from Bentwaters/Woodbridge and visit the place at least once a year.
I am located on page 89.

Friday 05/24/2002 5:15:47pm
Name: Bill Smiley
E-Mail: bjsmi-at-lvcm.com
City/Country: Las Vegas NV USA
Message: [no message left]

Thursday 05/23/2002 6:51:18am
Name: Mike Paris
E-Mail: me.paris-at-verizon.net
City/Country: Baltimore, Maryland
Message: Looks like a good start to me.
But, I'm a little prejudice when it comes to the 78th.
Lets keep it going troops.

Thursday 05/23/2002 6:49:46am
Name: William (Willie) Miller
E-Mail: wlm35-at-webtv.net
City/Country: Proctorville. OH
Message: At the Grove 54-57. Crew chief.

Wednesday 05/22/2002 10:11:50pm
City/Country: HOUSTON TX 77082
Message: JOINED 78 SEPT 1956 LEFT 1959 CREW CHIEF

Wednesday 05/22/2002 8:13:14pm
Name: Connie Manos
E-Mail: cmanos-at-woh.rr.com
City/Country: Centerville, Ohio (USA)
Message: Assigned 78th TFS January 1959-May 1962
Great start to our new site dedicated to all Bushmasters. Let's keep the ball rolling. Many Thanks to Linn Barringer for all his hard work; past, present and in the future. Also Many Thanks to Larry Pegg for the concept and getting us guys on the ball.
Connie Manos (Page 127)

Wednesday 05/22/2002 5:45:46pm
E-Mail: l.pegg-at-worldnet.att.net
City/Country: DesMOINES, IOWA USA
Message: The start of this site has been really fun, I thank each signed up member and to the future signees, CONNIE MANOS, MARK FERRARA for all the hard work, MR. LINN BARRINGER for all his hard work, we, all BUSHMASTERS, this is your site, come join us.
LARRY PEGG (Page 127 of the '59 Yearbook and, sadly, the obitiuary.)


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