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From: sfd156-at-juno.com or nitro78tfs-at-aol.com
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2006 3:13 AM

Hi Linn,

Thanks for keeping the site going.
Just got back from a reunion down in Snow Camp NC, that we have every year. Can't find a lot of guys, but if anybody sees this that was there c.67 to 72 let us know.

This year we had Charlie Euiless (his place), Karl Karus, Norb Skirownski, Ozzie, RD, Lee "hemi" Hemquist, Joe Gomerac, Mike "pancho" Salas, JJ, Dick Dammit, JR, and Vince. Chappy, Gary Greget, LLoyd "Floyd" Geig, and Bob Ribolzi coming next time.
If you"re still breathing, let us know. Long live the Snakes


From: robert gates [mailto:rgates1-at-msn.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 1:37 AM

Bob Gates
A member of the 78th at RAF Woodbridge from 1966-1968. Was a munitions mechanic (bomb loader!) during my time there. In the later part of my tour I was assigned to the Standardization Crew. (kept us off the flight line on those cold nights!) Would love to hear from others there during that time.



From: marilyn.wass [mailto:marilyn.wass-at-ntlworld.com]
Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2006 7:04 PM

I am still looking for my Uncle Bernard 'Lucky' Coyne and his 4 children, his English wife was the sister of my dad, I believe he was at Woodbridge in the 1950s, then he went to Alaska, the last address I have from 1970 is Lackland Heights San Antonio.
Can anyone help ?


Note: a lot of people DID help, but you might be able to add more...
See http://www.bentwaters.org/findpeople/found/f2006.htm



From: Sid Cranston [mailto:sidcranston-at-yahoo.com]
Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2006 5:31 AM

Sid Cranston
1970 and 1971
A1C 43151- phase inspection

Worked for Sgt. Sawyer. He and his wife invited me to Thanksgiving dinner once, God Bless them. Then there was Sgt Strickland, Sgt Fassbender, who got married there.
Worked with Simms, Moe Pruneau, Christianson(?) Majarian! Bob Lehman, Delarosby There were others, but the names are not coming right now...
I remember we had ordered a few hunderd screw bags from the blind, and we got thousands! I still have some! I remember sweeping up the pidgeon crap out in the hangar... really dusty! Trying to shoot the pidgeons with a pitot tube from an acft, and the airhose, using the darts from the dartboard, and a rag to push it through.
I do not know the name of the guy I replaced, but I was told he took a quick, but short trip in a Martin-Baker ejection seat... all the way to the ceiling in the hangar. Someone didn't put the saftey pin in the lower initiator! Ruined him, permanently.God rest his soul.
Trips to Ipswich, to the Chinese restaurant, then to the Hammer Horror Flicks...
Riding our motorcycles all over... Wow... coming back from the club at Bentwaters, half in the bag, maybe more, in the dark, and so foggy you had to go about 15 MPH... and you knew that was too fast.
Remember going back to the barracks from the NCO club at Woodbridge, cutting through the small woodlot, we called it the 'black forest' because of the roots that we tripped on, being drunk and all... and NO light in there, but it was shorter to walk that way, if you didn't break your neck.
The Angle Bar? Upstairs, about the 5th room on the right, from the parking lot. Grand Funk Railroad all night long... RDs place. 'Bear' Mckee Mike 'Freak' Swearingen
Pulling CQ, and having to go get Wigfall 20 times to answer the darn phone... and he didn't want to talk to them.
Sgt. Granville(sp) I bought a camera from him, it still works... thanks, Granny!

Thanks for keeping this site going...

I remembered a few more names to add to my list. Before we got Sgt. Strickland in charge of our phase inspection shop, we had Senior Master Sgt. Rose. He was a really good guy. We missed him. I also worked with a Sgt. Evans. Another good guy.
Our First Sgt for the 78TH was Lecroy, if I spelled it right. He was from down south, somewhere. He had a son, too. I remember when he rotated back, he might have retired.
We tried to get the base commander to authorise a rifle team, there were some match grade Garands in the armory, but they wouldn't go for it. Too bad, it would have been a better dirversion than what we were doing.
I once found a cannon ball right along the wall of bldg 593, while takin a wizz. I rolled that thing up and down the hall for a few months before I left. It knocked the barnacles (or whatever it was that was stuck to it) off. I had it in my duffelbag when I left, along with all my uniforms, and a ton of other stuff, never to be seen again...
Someone stole the whole thing from the mail room, I would guess. That and a couple boxes I had some really cool stuff in, like a WW2 Faribain fighting knife. Oh well, hope they needed it more than me.
Thanks for all your efforts, Linn
Sid Cranston


From: Eturbe1946-at-aol.com
Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 7:34 PM

Everette D. Turbeville jr.  [slim]  transportation heavy equipment from 65-68 -buck sargent .now in Florence, South Carolina .retired for five years, still married to the same girl I married over there 40 years .We go back every two years, nothing there any more except control tower. Looking back on it that was the good old days.


From: BadAssCoupe-at-aol.com
Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 2:42 AM

John McDaniel The Coonass - interested in hearing from anyone from 78 Woodbridge or Bentwaters, or anyone following from Texas. Now living in Houston @JBJOYERCA@PEOPLEPC.COM.
What a wonderful reunion in Savannah, GA (832-496-5301)

 MAC THE KNIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday 06/27/2006 0:01:49am
Name: Bert Ando
Email: bsando708-a-comcast.net
Now located: Marietta, Ga
Message: Good old memories


Friday 06/09/2006 3:15:23pm
Name: Leon Vasquez
Email: olgaleon-at-peoplepc.com
Now located: 6573 e Amherst Ave, Fresno, CA93727
Message: Service from 56 to dec. 59 commander Lt Col. Simpson Bushmaster. Shepherds Grove, Wooodbridge


Tuesday 05/02/2006 6:42:09pm
Name: Kevin Woodhouse
Email: kev.woodhouse-at-dsl.pipex.com
Now located: Fire service in the UK
Message: Message:
Does anyone have or know where I can access a 81 TFW yearbooks for 1960, 1961? I am searching for TSgt Davis, who was a member of Woodbridge/Bentwaters Firecrew during 1960. I hope to find his picture in the 60/61 Yearbook. As always your help is appreciated.
Thanks, Kevin Woodhouse
Alternative email: kevin.woodhouse-at-london-fire.gov.uk


Saturday 04/29/2006 0:27:15am
Name: Joe Trainer
Email: jostrainer-at-aol.com
Now located: Houston Texas
Message: Looking for anyone who knew Lt. W.E. (Edwin) Key. He died in a plane crash on June 23, 1958 in England. I would like to have any info concerning his death. I just came across his address while in England which included the 78th Ftr Bmbr Sqd.


Thursday 04/27/2006 3:33:07pm
Name: Tim -Dumbo- Darrah
Email: ttttimmy-at-earthlink.net
Now located: Sumter, SC
Message: I was a "crew dawg" on A-10 81-0978 in the 78th from Nov 86 until we closed in Nov 92. Retired in 98, and now working Trans Alert at Shaw AFB, SC as a contractor.

Wednesday 04/26/2006 10:50:58pm
Name: Chris Hartwick
Email: osit0101-at-yahoo.com
Now located: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Message: Worked in COSO (Supply)from Nov 97 until August 99. Best squadron I ever worked in as a supply troop!!!


Monday 04/24/2006 0:38:27am
Name: Bob Pickett
Email: Loisbob55-at-aol.com
Now located: Cranston,Rhode Island
Message: Assigned to 7519 Sup. Sq. Arrived Shepherds Grove April 1958. Assigned to the A.P's. Stayed at the Grove until closing and then onto Woodbridge and Bentwaters. Be interested in hearing from someold buddies. Our C.O. was Capt. Curry.


Tuesday 04/18/2006 7:47:11pm
Name: Craig W. Smith
Email: msmith-at-crownintl.com
Now located: Elkhart Indiana
Message: 1966-1968
RAF Bentwaters
81SPS-Flight D
Would like to hear from anyone in Security Policy during that tour.


Saturday 04/15/2006 1:51:28am
Name: John Patton
Email: jpatton-at-uci.edu
Now located:
Message: Does anyone have 81TFW yearbooks for 1961, 1962, and/or 1963? I am on a search for TSgt Jack Swinehamer, believed to be a member of 81APS during those years and his picture may be shown in one or more of those yearbooks. Any help would be most sincerely appreciated.
Thanks, John Patton


Saturday 04/15/2006 0:40:27am
Name: Frederick W. Knippel
Email: f1red2.knip3pel4-at-juno.com
Now located: Albuquerque, NM
Message: Page 97 of year book. Det 2 605th Comm. Drove large green Kaiser with yellow top. Rolled over on way to base from Great Yarmouth one night. Worked in unit supply room in hut living area. Issued bedding etc.


Friday 04/14/2006 10:35:43pm
Name: Ken Cook, SMSgt (Ret)
Email: keneyke-at-aol.com
Now located: Eyke, Woodbridge, England
Message: Worked closely with many guys in 78th at RAF Woodbridge from 65-67 and 74-76 as Superintendant of Security Police. Would like to locate Frank Wingo (TSgt) who worked in admin in 78th Ops. Maybe someone remembers him and knows his whereabouts? His great buddy was Denny Bolen of the SPs.


Friday 04/14/2006 9:21:18pm
Name: Maureen Duralski(nee Kirby) also exSmith
Email: MDuralski-at-charter.net
Now located: In between Sacramento and San Francisco
Message: I worked at the GPO Telephone Exchange in Church St Woobridge back in late 50s early 60s. Had a lot of good chats with the operaters on both bases. Never thought I would end up marrying an American. My first marriage ended in divorce; a Peter Smith he was English but worked at Bentwaters but I had two lovely sons with him. I married a Ray Duralski he was also at B'waters, 31 yrs now & still going strong with 1 daughter. There were so many GIs & officers that I was good friends with - particularly a Charlie who was Airman of the mnth for 3 mnths if not more; he wrote to me for quite a while when he got out of the Service. The was another guy Louis(married unfortunately). I was younger then, I trained his German Shepherd, Baron. I would love to talk to anyone who remembers the late 50s, early 60s; we had such fun. The ones I met & the one I married were sweethearts, I lived in Melton.


Friday 04/14/2006 8:19:00pm
Name: Carl S. Richards
Email: Bigredsunn-at-aol.com
Now located: Peoria, Arizona
Message: I was a captain (flight commander) assigned to the 78th TFS Bushmasters, from April 1962-April 1965.


Friday 04/14/2006 5:14:57pm
Name: Pauline long
Email: pauline_long-at-hotmail.com
Now located: Cheshire. U.K.
Message: I've recently had my "Mom-in-Law" over from Mississippi for a visit. She's not been back for some time and when we took her down to her family in Woodbridge she started to wonder about her old buddies from the mid-fifties. At that time she was a trainee nurse. Does anyone remember Marilyn London. She remembers a lady called Ann who she thinks also married an airman. I'd love to be able to pass on details of how everybody fared.


Tuesday 03/28/2006 1:43:41am
Name: Joe Wommack
Email: enfrwommack-at-aol.com
Now located: Lakeland,FL
Message: Looking for David Moore from the 78th,a friend of his would like to contact him. Think he was a Capt.


Friday 02/17/2006 11:25:25pm
Name: John (Steamer) Morgan
Email: steamermorgan-at-adelphia.net
Now located: Seal Beach, CA
Message: A-10 Pilot at WDB from Dec 86 to Jan 90


Monday 02/06/2006 3:17:22pm
Email: jbriceusaf-at-AOL.COM
Now located: HORSEHEADS,NY


Friday 02/03/2006 9:32:29pm
Name: John H. White
Email: jwhite3564-at-aol.com
Now located: Canton, Ga.
Message: I was in the 78th parachute shop at Shepherds Grove from 1956 until it closed.


Tuesday 01/24/2006 4:31:51pm
Name: Malcolm Hecks
Email: ADMIN-at-malcolmhecks.co.uk
Now located: Farnham England UK
Message: Would Cheryl Hecks, daughter of John Hecks please contact me
RE: "My father was in the USAF stationed at Shepherds Grove, Woodbridge, Bentwaters, etc during the late 50's. His name was John Hecks, pictured on page 115 of the 1959 yearbook."


Friday 01/20/2006 11:21:04am
Name: John Charlton
Email: charltonje-at-aol.com
Now located: National Defense University, DC
Message: Was at Woody from Jan 78 to Sep 80. Arrived on base the day they announced the conversion from Rhinos to Hoggs, and stayed through the conversion.

Thursday 01/12/2006 11:59:08am
Name: James C Brice
Email: jbriceus-at-aol.com
Now located: email
Message: I was at the grove in 58 and transfered to Woodbridge in 59 was in fire conrol, the sight shop 81st A and E maint. squadron. Did the transition to the 101's at Berstrum and George air bases.


Tuesday 01/03/2006 10:56:50pm
Name: TSgt Steve (Kansas) Ward
Email: wards-at-gat.com
Now located: OL-DET 3, California
Message: I was stationed at RAF Woodbridge and assigned to the 78th 89-91. These were the best people in the military. We worked hard, played hard and fought hard. I just hope we lived up to those who came before us and did them proud.


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